Sunday, May 31, 2015

Obamacare Song on YouTube

Listen to "Here Comes Obamacare" pep song on YouTube

YOU SING THE SOLO version: This version of "Here Comes Obamacare" omits the solo voice, but plays the instruments and chorus and sound effects, so you can sing it yourself.

For the lyrics, scroll down this page (or click on the right, it's here somewhere).

This song is sung to the tune of "Twilight Time" -- complete with President Obama himself, and the Little Piggy.

Singing this song over and over will radiate good vibes which will stop the nasty Republicans and insure free healthcare to all.

Monday, November 12, 2012

An Obamacare song for those who want to save Obamacare from being undermined by the nasty Republicans.

If enough patriots sing this song it will radiate good vibes and ensure that everyone will have free health care forever. Even President Obama himself is in the song, adding his own commentary (though his voice may be distorted a bit from having given too many speeches).


Out of the twilight here comes what you've been waiting for,
medical care for everybody, forevermore.
You'll jump for joy at the new entitlements in store.
You're gonna love it, it's called Obamacare.

From Napa to Georgia and Pawtucket to Arkansaw,
we're gonna have universal cov'rage, Oh Kumbayah!
It's gonna be the greatest thing since shock 'n awe,
so get with the program and embrace Obamacare.
You're gonna love it, here comes Obamacare.

Now that the donuthole is filled,
you'll get all the meds you want for ev'ry bod'ly ill,
for ev'ry ailment under the sky,
from overactive bladder to chronic dry eye. Oh

You have a right to more than just life and liberty.
You have a right to happiness and tranquility.
From now on you'll enjoy complete security,
it'll be Heaven, when you got Obamacare.

Freedom from fear, from ev'ry doubt and incertitude,
freedom from want, and freedom to smile and to be one happy dude!
to be the most contented cow that ever mooed.
You're gonna feel good about Obamacare.
You're gonna love it, here comes Obamacare.

Now you won't ever kick the bucket, however ill.
Whatever the cost they'll just say [beep] and pay the bill.
They'll pay for everything, including all the frills.
You get it all, when you got Obamacare.

Hospital care was once too costly to contemplate,
but with Obamacare it's now just a piece of cake.
So in my million-dollar bed I'll vegetate,
knowing I'm covered, 'cuz I got Obamacare.
You're gonna love it, here comes Obamacare.

There, as I lie and rot away,
I won't know even if it's night or day, but
one happy me, knowing that they will supply
the most expensive care that money can buy, oh

Cardiogram, resuscitator, spirometer.
Where are my tubes and bedpan and pneumatometer?
And where's my trichronopoligratoopitometer?
You name it, you got it, when you got Obamacare.

Nurses, physicians, paramedics, and therapists,
orderlies, interns, and technicians, and pathologists.
They'll all take care of me and spoil me 'til they're pissed.
I'm so special, 'cuz I got Obamacare.
You're gonna love it, here comes Obamacare.

There, in blissful grace and dignity,
I'll have everybody fussing over me, so
with busy busy attendants all around,
oh it's for sure that I'll be safe and sound, oh

Money won't ever be a problem, not any more,
now with Obamacare for ev'rybody rich or poor.
They'll have to give me anything I ask them for.
There is no limit, when you got Obamacare.

I am entitled to the latest technology,
just as the well-to-do are treated, expensively.
What's good enough for them is good enough for me.
Medical hi-tech paid by Obamacare.
You're gonna love it, here comes Obamacare.

Why should the super-rich have more than the middle class?
We do the work when all they do is sit on their ass!
It's time for change, here comes equality at last.
Finally justice, when we got Obamacare.

I want to hear the doctor tell me "You'll be okay.
You need to get some rest and swallow ten pills a day."
You ask, "But what if your insurance doesn't pay?"
Not to worry. I got Obamacare.
You're gonna love it, here comes Obamacare.

And, oh-oh, if I have to lose a leg,
and they amputate the wrong one -- oh no!
But with synthetic body parts today,
they'll fix me up and I'll be A - OK, oh

ever the need may be, you name it, it will be met,
and with Obamacare it's paid for, so what's the sweat?
For all I know a whole new body I will get.
Oh nothing can go wrong, when you got Obamacare.

There isn't any malady that they cannot fix,
out of their super hi-tech medical bag of tricks.
From cramps to kidney stones to cooties, take your pick,
it'll be paid for, 'cuz you got Obamacare.
You're gonna love it, here comes Obamacare.

Chronic bronchitis, laryngitis, psoriasis,
peritonitis, gingivitis, and syphilis.
Whatever name it's called, the remedy is this:
medical cov'rage, paid by Obamacare.

With my Obamacard I'll go on a spending spree,
I'll have a sex change and some plastic surgery,
some tests and MRIs and a colonoscopy,
I'll take a dozen, just bill Obamacare.
You're gonna love it, here comes Obamacare.

[crowd noises interlude]

Switzerland, Denmark, France and England, and Austria,
Germany, Sweden, and New Zealand, and Canada.
They'll all be spellbound at the new America.
They're gonna wish that they had Obamacare.

have universal cov'rage now and we'll be the best.
The rest of the world will gawk at us and be so impressed.
They'll eat their heart out and wish they could be so blessed.
We're gonna be proud that we got Obamacare.
You're gonna love it, here comes Obamacare.

Snuff the comatose with an overdose.
No, not granny! no way José!
Never pull the plug, try another drug.
Buy fresh body parts on e-bay.
Here comes the Octamom, howdy-doo.
Save all the preemies and granny too.
Put them all in intensive care 'til they give up the ghost.

[Obama speech interlude]

You're gonna love it, here comes Obamacare.
You're gonna love it, you're gonna love it. Here comes Obamacare.